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Everything You Wanted to Know about the Future of Technology (but were Afraid to Ask)

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Future of Technology (but were Afraid to Ask)

How are wearable technologies going to impact my job? Is it possible a droid will be doing my task in the future? How can technology help me reduce exposure on the job?

You can get the answers to all these questions and more at the DEKRA Work Safety Future Lab TECHBar. Housed in the heart of the Safety Showcase Thursday night, the TECHbar will be staffed with technology experts who will provide you hands-on, immersive education regardless of your tech skills. Any question about technology is welcome!

There will be a wide variety of high-end tech gadgets for you to try and experiment with as well. The gadgets include:

Versus HeadsetVersus Headset
identifies how your brain works & what kind of training would help you do your job better

Lumo LiftLumo Lift
improves your body posture through a wearable sensor

Misfit ShineMisfit Shine
a wristwatch that tracks your sleep and helps you cut down on fatigue

Myo GestureMyo Gesture
an armband that allows you to operate machines with the flick of your wrist

Recon Jet Smart GlassesRecon Jet Smart Glasses
give you up-to-the-minute activity metrics including your heart rate

In addition, our experts will host regular information sessions called TECHbytes. These sessions include:

Apps to Boost Personal & Professional Productivity
It’s our most popular TECHbyte session where you’ll learn over 20 apps in 20 minutes to help you get connected, stay organized and efficient, all while being more communicative, and collaborative. In this session, we will share the latest and greatest of a legion of ready-to-go apps to help you get rid of manual processes, automate your workflows and see a measurable difference in the way you manage your life and work time.

Hot Tech Topic: Gadgets & Wearable Technologies
From Google Glass to Lumo to the Apple watch or clothing that powers your devices, wearable technologies are becoming more commonly used both for personal and business use. Join us to learn more about this trend and how it fits in to the workplace, and how you can use it to your advantage to add some sizzle to your work life.

Get Delivery, Get Organized and Stress Less with Apps for Work/Life Balance
Achieving the perfect work life balance may be difficult, but you can surely get some help from apps that will allow you to free up time to do more of what you want, whether it may be for work or for life. Find more time in your schedule, get better sleep, take advantage of delivery services and take back some of your time now with these apps.

If you have a specific question you’d like our DEKRA Work Safety Future Lab TECHbar experts to answer, feel free to come up to the bar at any point during the conference and ask. You can also better prepare them for your specific issue by submitting your question(s) in advance:



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Saturday, 17 March 2018