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Safety in Action: Innovative Solutions for Safer Workplaces

Safety in Action: Innovative Solutions for Safer Workplaces

This March over 2,000 industry professionals and safety experts will gather at the Safety in Action conference in Orlando for two days of safety learning, networking, and discovery. Led by some of the top minds in safety innovation, the conference offers over 100 sessions covering the most critical issues facing workplace risk and employee wellbeing.

Here are just a few of the topics attendees can expect to experience:

Human Error Reduction – Controlling unintentional mistakes or “human error” is unchartered territory for many leaders. But organizations are learning to establish operational reliability by aligning existing organizational culture, structures, and procedures with the actual functioning and limitations of the human brain. Sessions will discuss how to apply neuroscience discoveries to mitigate human performance inconsistencies, enhance leadership communication and style, and limit internal risks that contribute to workplace incidents.

Workplace Fatigue – Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with fatigue. Lapses in judgment, poor communication, and unheeded exposures can trigger incidents that would have been identified or avoided with a normal level of alertness. While many point to insufficient sleep as the cause of fatigue, other factors like workplace environment, scheduling, and staffing are also major contributors. Sessions on fatigue will discuss its impact on performance and risk, and offer integrated solutions for addressing its root causes.

Safe Decision Making – By some estimates, the average adult makes upwards of 35,000 decisions a day—many of which can have life-altering consequences. But with the right culture and leadership, organizations can ensure safer frontline decisions will lead to fewer injuries and better outcomes. Sessions will explore the contributing factors behind errors and discusses the ways we can build exposure control, heightened risk detection, and open communication into our daily habits.

New Exposure Tracking Technologies – Organizations achieve better performance when they harness technology to improve safety. Getting real-time data that accurately depicts on-the-ground exposures, allows leaders to focus their attention (and resources) to resolve issues quickly and cost-effectively. Sessions will explore innovations in data gathering and analysis that streamline collection, barrier-removal, feedback and follow through, and exposure mitigation.

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Saturday, 17 March 2018