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What is an Icon?

What is an Icon?

Last year, our inaugural class of safety Icons were honored at Safety in Action. One of those Icons was Audie Stout of BNSF Railway. As a conductor, Audie understands what it takes to assure safety for himself and others in a dynamic work environment filled with exposures. His willingness to learn and his drive for safety performance improvement have influenced many within his organization to reduce risk and strengthen the safety culture. His open mind and “how can this help us” (rather than hurt us) attitude are instrumental in ensuring that everyone goes home safe at the end of each day.

The Icon recognition goes to those individuals who represent the truest symbols, or Icons, of Safety in Action—like Audie. An Icon does more than just improve the numbers. An Icon makes a difference in ways that can’t be measured—through how they talk, feel, think, and act differently about safety. Anyone can be an Icon—a leader, a manager, a supervisor, a frontline worker. These are the people that stand out for the cause of safety at work.

Nominations are only open until December 15, 2016, so don’t hesitate to nominate your Icon now.

Watch Audie’s video to hear what safety means to him and see a real Icon in action.

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Saturday, 17 March 2018