What's New at This Year's Conference!


Pardon DEKRA Insight Principal Consultant, Larry Russell, if he gets a little choked up thinking about the Safety in Action conference this March in Orlando. That’s because he’ll be helping introduce a new program that he says could be the most important work of his illustrious safety career.

“I've been with DEKRA for 25 years, been a safety guy for 40 years,” Russell says. “This has probably been the most exciting year of my career working on this [solution] because it's going to mean a lot for generations to come.”

Russell is referring to the Exposure-Based Safety™ System, a new DEKRA Insight solution that will be officially unveiled at the Safety in Action conference. Russell says it will take behavior-based safety to a new level.

“We’ve always dreamed of [this solution but] we didn't have the technology to support [it]. Now we do. You'll take a good process [of behavior-based safety], take it up a notch and really be world class with this new solution that we have,” he says.

And that’s not all that’s new at this year’s Safety in Action conference! Besides multiple, 60 and 90-minute information sessions on Exposure-Based Safety, the event will offer you the following new features:

  • Extended hours for the Safety Showcase
  • A technology-enabled system that will allow you to see a detailed recap of everything you did at the event (people met, sessions attended, exhibitors visited, materials downloaded, etc.). No more business cards needed!
  • Cocktail Hour sessions that will allow you to ask all your questions of our experts in a relaxed atmosphere. Topics covered include:
    • Exposure-Based Safety
    • Brain-Centric Reliability™ System
    • Serious Injury/Fatality Prevention
    • The Safety Maturity Matrix
  • SafeAlign™ Process workshops focused on middle managers

These SafeAlign workshops are the first time DEKRA Insight has ever offered them at Safety in Action, says DEKRA Insight Principal Consultant, Paul Angelo.

“The feedback that we got from the people that attended the conference,” Angelo says, “was that, 'Hey, all of your offerings are rich and they're focused on BAPP™ [systems], they're focused [on] your traditional behavior-based safety. But you don't have that many offerings that are focused [on] middle management. We'd like to see more.'”

Angelo says you can sign up to attend any of three Pre-Conference Development Seminars on SafeAlign. Enrollment is limited though so get in there quick! Each seminar will cover a different aspect of SafeAlign: foundations, safety contacts and job safety briefings.

“[They’ll] give you some take-away skills you can apply the very next day at your site,” Angelo says. “It's not just a primer on the overall system. You'll walk away with new skills to improve safety the very next week when you're back at the ranch.”

The Safety in Action Conference begins March 14th with the Safety Showcase and Welcome Reception. The conference itself is March 15-16th at the Hyatt Regency Orlando in Florida.

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