The Brain's
in Safety


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A new frontier in safety

The science behind the brain's role in safety is fascinating. Breakthrough research has given leaders insight into this previously unexplored area of safety. But how do you apply this research to real-world safety scenarios?

From fatigue management, to driver safety, to building high reliability teams, our safety conference covers the science AND the implementation of the concepts around the brain's role in safety.

Recommended Sessions
recommended sessions

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4 Reasons to Attend

  • Be inspired
    be inspired
    Safety in Action brings together leaders from every level and experts to share ideas on the newest emerging technology and the future of risk. Inspiring sessions will broaden your perspective and encourage you to think—and act—bigger.
  • Learn
    Over 100 breakout sessions led by the world’s best safety leaders and experts. Engage and learn how other are meeting today’s biggest safety challenges.
  • Take action
    take action
    Drive change with enhanced knowledge. Learn how organizations like yours are building dynamic safety processes, breaking down barriers, and getting results—bringing home a plan of action you can implement immediately.
  • Connect
    This isn’t just a safety conference, it’s a community of people building the world’s safest companies. Exchange ideas and build relationships with like-minded safety leaders from across industry.

Get buy-in from your boss to attend

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Learn a new approach

We mean it when we say "Attend one week, safer the next." When you leave Safety in Action you will have more than a bag full of brochures and pens. You will have a brain full of actionable skills that you can put into use the first day you are back on the job.

Don't miss out on the most information-packed safety conference of the year.


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