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This is an exciting time
to be a part of safety

New science and technology are resulting in innovative practices that are transforming the way we protect people in the workplace.

As someone new to safety, attending this safety conference will expose you to "What's Next" in safety and give you the tools to build a strong foundation.

Get started with the basics and then work your way into how to create a plan, manage teams, and affect safety culture.

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Watch & See

Why 2 days at Safety in Action
can change your entire year

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4 Reasons to Attend

  • Be inspired
    be inspired
    Safety in Action brings together people new to safety with leaders and experts to share ideas from behavior-based safety and employee engagement to emerging technology and the future of risk. Be inspired to broaden your perspective and to think—and act—bigger.
  • Learn
    Over 100 breakout sessions led by the world’s best safety leaders and experts. Learn how your peers are meeting today’s biggest safety challenges and adapting to the changing workplace.
  • Take action
    take action
    Be empowered to drive change in the work environment and beyond. Learn how organizations like yours are building dynamic safety processes, breaking down barriers, and getting results—bringing home a plan of action you can implement immediately.
  • Connect
    This isn’t just a safety conference, it’s a community of people building the world’s safest companies. Exchange ideas and build relationships with like-minded safety leaders from across industry.

Get buy-in from your boss to attend

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Build your foundation

For those new to safety, we also recommend the Foundations Pre-Development Seminar.

A 1-day intensive before the main conference, you will learn to define the relationship between safety, culture and leadership.

More Information

What does
Safety in Action cost?
*does not include Pre-
Development Seminar

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