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The Safety in Action mobile app is a great way to improve your conference experience.

Download the app:
     iTunes (iOS)
     Google Play (Android)

sia 2018 app qr code
You can also scan this code with a QR reader to easily download the app.

About the App

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about how to access the conference app. For further information, please contact us at

  1. Where can I download the app?
    The Safety in Action conference app is available at the Apple and Google Play app stores. On a supported mobile device go to the iTunes or Google Play app download page or search in the app stores for "Safety in Action Conference."

  2. What devices and operating systems support the app?
    The app is supported on all iOS and Android operating systems, and on all devices that support these systems. If your device does not support one of these operating systems – for example, Windows Phone – you can use your mobile web browser to go to the app event website and access the same app features.

    NOTE: In both the app and on the event website, it's necessary to log in to be able to benefit from all of the available features.

  3. I'm seeing a previous year's content in the app instead of 2018 information. What should I do?
    This can happen if you're a past attendee and have a previous year's version of the app on your phone. In that case you'll need to completely delete the old app and then go into the app store and download the new version  (see #1 above).

  4. How do I log in to the Conference app once it has been downloaded?
    Tap the Event Guide icon (3 horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner. Then tap "Log in for more features" at the top of the page. You should then be taken to a login area where you will enter your first and last names. At that point a confirmation code will be sent to your email address. If you're able to access your email account on your device, you can tap on the Verify Account button. If not, you can manually enter the 6-digit code in the Confirmation field on the app. Once you are logged in you will have access to all of the app's features.

During the Conference

Once you are in Orlando, you'll want to log in to the app to unlock all of its features. To log in for the first time, follow the steps in #4 above.

During the conference, use the app to:

  • Keep track of tips and ideas from the Safety Showcase by using the "Notes" feature.
  • Access the Attendees section to network with people you meet.
  • Capture important information from the various sessions.
  • Provide feedback by rating the sessions and conference.
  • Stay on top of conference happenings with the up-to-the-minute changes and highlights in the Conference Digest.