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Optional pre-summit learning

This seminar is available to Leadership Summit attendees at an additional cost to the Leadership Summit registration fee. Information-packed materials for reference during the seminar and lunch are included. Register now!

PDS 1-Day
Tuesday, March 13, 2018 – 1pm-5pm

The Four Defining Attributes of a World Class Safety Organization
Organizations that achieve world class safety are measured not by their accident rates, but on the focus and effort they place on:

  • Personal Safety Ethic: The extent to which the organization creates and grows personal safety ethics across all levels.
  • Exposure: The depth of understanding in the organization that the way to safety success is to continuously identify, control, reduce and eliminate exposure.
  • Execution: The extent of the organization’s commitment to assure the right systems, the right staffing and the right emphasis is in place and that programs and systems are executed in a high-quality manner.
  • Evolution and Revolution: The extent to which the organization is focused on continuous improvement, controlled evolution, and a focus on revolutionary changes that will accelerate the pace of change.

In this session, we will explore and discuss the concept of world class safety and dig into the four primary attributes associated with those who truly fit the label of world class in safety. Real world case studies and examples will be leveraged to discuss how some organizations have worked to achieve world class levels in one or more of these attributes.