Shape the future of
safety at work

A special one-day event, the Safety in Action Leadership Summit is geared for leaders in safety

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What it's about

Join us for a discussion of one of today's most elusive and critical safety issues: serious injury and fatalities (SIF). Most recent data shows a 7% increase in SIF events, even as overall injury numbers continue to decline.

Despite known connections to all types of injury and accident prevention, these connections are not well understood. The 2018 Leadership Summit is dedicated to furthering your understanding and ability to drive down these events from your organization.

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The Leadership Summit is sold out. Please call Andra (805-665-6158) or Debbie (805-665-6164) to be added to a waitlist.

BONUS: Registration for the Leadership Summit includes access to all Safety in Action Conference sessions.


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Agenda – Wednesday, March 14

Welcome, Safety Briefing, and Logistcs 9:00 AM
Keynote: SIF Prevention 2018: The Challenge 9:15 AM
SIF Best Practices Pulse Survey 9:45 AM
BREAK 10:00 AM
Presentation: Managing SIF Exposure at H&P 10:15 AM
Overview: Top 3 Critical Barriers to Success 10:45 AM
Breakout: Managing Barriers to Sustainable SIF Prevention 11:00 AM
LUNCH 12:00 PM
Presentation: Managing SIF Exposure at Terex 1:00 PM
Breakout Session Report & Results 1:30 PM
Panel Q&A 2:30 PM
Closing, Commitments, and Follow-up 2:50 PM
Safety Showcase 3:00 PM

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Watch & See

Why 2 days at Safety in Action
can change your entire year

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4 Reasons to Attend

  • Be inspired
    be inspired
    Safety in Action brings together senior leaders and experts to share ideas on issues from behavior-based safety and employee engagement to emerging technology and the future of risk. Inspiring sessions will broaden your perspective and encourage you to think—and act—bigger.
  • Learn
    Over 100 breakout sessions led by the world’s best safety leaders and experts. Engage and learn how other are meeting today’s biggest safety challenges.
  • Take action
    take action
    Drive change from the top down. Learn how organizations like yours are building dynamic safety processes, breaking down barriers, and getting results—bringing home a plan of action you can implement immediately.
  • Connect
    This isn’t just a safety conference, it’s a community of people building the world’s safest companies. Exchange ideas and build relationships with like-minded safety leaders from across industry.

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Prepare to Lead

In order to lead you need the full landscape of the issues leaders face in safety at work.

Don't miss out on this special one-day event.

The Leadership Summit is sold out. Please call Andra (805-665-6158) or Debbie (805-665-6164) to be added to a waitlist.

March 14, 2018
9am - 6:30pm
Registration includes
all Safety in Action

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