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The Safety in Action mobile app is a great way to improve your conference experience.

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You can also scan this code with a QR reader to easily download the app.

About the App

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about how to access the conference app. For further information, please contact us at

  1. Where can I download the app?
    The Safety in Action conference app is available at the iTunes App Store and Google Play. On a supported mobile device go to the app download page or search in the app store for "Safety in Action."

  2. What devices and operating systems support the app?
    The app is supported on all iOS and Android operating systems, and on all devices that support these systems. If your device does not support one of these operating systems, you can use your mobile web browser to go to the app event website and access the same app features.

    NOTE: In both the app and on the event website, it's necessary to log in to be able to benefit from all of the available features.

  3. I am a Blackberry user. How do I access the app?
    Blackberry does not have a supported operating system. Please use the app event website to access the app’s web portal.

  4. I am a Windows Phone user. How do I access the app?
    Windows Phone does not have a supported operating system. Please use the app event website to access the app’s web portal.

  5. I have a supported operating system, but I’m having trouble downloading the app. What should I do?
    The Safety in Action conference app uses similar system resources as other apps. If you are having trouble downloading the app or if it’s taking longer than expected to download, consider connecting your mobile device to a local wireless network. We recommend you download the app prior to the conference, since wireless availability at the conference venue can at times be overwhelmed by the number of users. While this does not typically affect the use of the app once downloaded, it can have a significant impact on the time it takes to download.

    If your mobile device enters sleep mode (typically this is when the screen on your device goes dark after a period of inactivity) while you are attempting to download the app event, this may cause your download to freeze. If this occurs, delete the Conference app from your device entirely, then download and reinstall it from the app store. Downloading the app usually doesn’t take very long, but it is a good idea to monitor your device during the download process in order to prevent it from entering sleep mode.

  6. How do I log in to the Conference app once it has been downloaded?
    Tap the Event Guide icon (3 horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner. Then tap "Log in for more features" at the top of the page. You should then be taken to a login area where you will enter your first and last names. At that point a confirmation code will be sent to your email address. If you're able to access your email account on your device, you can tap on the Verify Account button. If not, you can manually enter the 6-digit code in the Confirmation field on the app. Once you are logged in you will have access to all of the app's features.

During the Conference

Once you are in Chicago, you'll want to log in to the app to unlock all of its features. To log in for the first time, follow the steps in #6 above.

During the conference, use the app to:

  • Keep track of tips and ideas from the Safety Showcase by using the "Notes" feature.
  • Access the Attendees section to network with people you meet.
  • Capture important information from the 60-minute sessions.
  • Provide feedback by rating the sessions and conference.
  • Stay on top of conference happenings with the up-to-the-minute changes and highlights in the Conference Digest.