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Optional pre-conference learning

Dynamic and engaging small-group learning:

  • Critical focus areas for breakthrough improvements.
  • Interactive learning with seasoned DEKRA Insight safety pros.
  • Actionable tools & skills that you can apply today.

Each seminar includes information-packed materials for reference during the seminar, plus continental breakfast and lunch. All seminars are an additional cost to the conference registration fee. Register now!

PDS 1-Day
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – 8am-5pm

Fundamentals of Process Safety: Preventing Fire and Explosions - FULL CAPACITY; REGISTRATION CLOSED
Gain a critical foundation in the science and practice of fire and explosion prevention. Learn from the experts about the properties of common materials, how to analyze risk, and get an introduction to the concept of hazard area classification.

PDS 1-Day
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 – 8am-3pm

Advanced Interaction Skills – Making Feedback More Meaningful and Memorable
Change lives with effective feedback techniques. Learn the science behind effective feedback — and how to work with (not against) the human brain to change behavior.

Coaching for World-Class Safety Performance
Magnify your influence on culture by coaching others to be better leaders. Discover the key principles for leadership coaching and how to apply them to real-world situations.

Leadership Behaviors that Shape and Strengthen Your Culture: The Role of the Transformational Leader to Drive Organizational Change
Make continuous improvement a reality. Learn and practice the leadership behaviors that will support genuine culture change.

Motivating BAPP Observers
Pre-requisite: BAPP® license
Take the guesswork out of observer motivation. Learn the principles, practices, and strategies for creating an enthusiastic and effective corps of observers.

Process Safety Management: What is it and why do we need it?
Get up to speed on the elements of a sound process safety management (PSM) system. Learn how PSM is different from occupational safety and how this discipline can help you manage exposure in organizations large and small across a variety of industries.

Rincon® Software - Overview
Pre-requisite: BAPP® license
Build fluency with the key features of Rincon software. Learn how to manage, analyze, and report on observation data for better safety decision making and action.

Sharing the Fun: Steering Committee Roles that Build on Success
Pre-requisite: BAPP license
Equip everyone on your team to step up — not just the facilitator. Learn what it means to develop genuine role diversity within your team and how to create it.

Strategic Communications: How to Inform, Motivate, and Engage Your Organization in the Safety Process
Make your voice — and your process — heard. Discover the communication tools and techniques that professionals use to promote their message and win hearts and minds.

PDS 2-Day
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – 8am-5pm and Wednesday, March 15, 2017 – 8am-3pm

Pre-requisite: BAPP® license
Build competence and confidence in managing your team. Learn the essentials of facilitation, how to plan for the future, and how to keep your process effective for the long term.

BAPP® Essentials for Established Processes - FULL CAPACITY; REGISTRATION CLOSED
Pre-requisite: BAPP® license
This boot camp for BAPP safety delivers everything you would get in implementation training in powerful, hands-on exercises and group interactions. Learn CBI development, observation skills, problem identification, coaching, ABC Analysis, and more.

BAPP Technology Fundamentals for Steering Committee Members - FULL CAPACITY; REGISTRATION CLOSED
Pre-requisite: BAPP® license
Get your new steering team members up to speed quickly with this intensive workshop on the theory and applications of BAPP technology.

Interpersonal and Leadership Skills for Supervisors - FULL CAPACITY; REGISTRATION CLOSED
Strong cultures are made by strong frontline leaders. Discover and practice the leadership and interpersonal skills that supervisors need to build productive, safety-supporting relationships with their teams.

Seminars subject to change. Check back with us periodically for the most updated schedule and details.