Just Touch and Go


The learning and networking opportunities at Safety in Action can be truly transformative. But with so much going on over the two brief days we'll be together, some of the information you gather can get lost in the hustle and bustle.

This year we've got you covered.

The DC Touch Device is your conference passport to collecting and maintaining all the critical information you gather at Safety in Action.

Trying to recall where you left the session material from that brain-centered hazard presentation? Do you remember all the insight offered about our Exposure-Based Safety™ process? What was the name of that informative vendor you met on the Showcase floor?

Now you won't have to give any of it a second thought.

The DC Touch Device is a wearable USB stick available to everyone attending Safety in Action. Tap the device to key Touchpoints throughout the conference to check in to sessions, gather exhibitor information, and collect session documents and presentation materials you'll be able to share with colleagues back home.

Easily accessible from a lanyard around your neck, the device allows you to exchange network information with other attendees by simply touching two devices together. It's a great way to stay in touch and makes fumbling for business cards a thing of the past.

The DC Touch keeps delivering after you leave Orlando. Following the conference, you'll get a detailed recap of everything you did: the people you met, sessions attended, exhibitors visited, and materials downloaded. It's like having a personal conference highlight reel in your pocket.

So, just touch and go. The DC Touch makes Safety in Action a breeze.

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