Learning Objectives Make This Year’s Conference Easier to Navigate Than Ever Before


For the first time ever, you can get personalized Safety in Action agendas based on your learning objectives at the conference. This means you’ll know day-by-day, session-by-session what conference events speak most to you and your interests. No more flipping through all the pages of the guide, trying to pick out your hour-by-hour choices each day. The work has been done for you this year!

The learning objectives are grouped by statements that best reflect the interests of attendees. They are:

“I’m new to safety.”

“I want to improve my behavior-based safety process.”

“I’m a supervisor/manager looking for new ideas.”

“I want to learn about the role of the brain in safety.”

“I’m a senior leader looking for what’s next in safety.”

“I’m looking for skills development.”

By clicking on any of those statements here or on the Learning Objectives page, you’ll be taken to an individual page that details your pursuits. You can download a user-friendly PDF of recommended sessions from the conference.

For example, if I want to use my time at Safety in Action to improve my behavior-based safety process at work, I can get a personalized agenda that shows me just the sessions that pertain to behavior-based safety concerns. That agenda would tell me that on Thursday at 10am, I can attend a session called “Behavior Chain Observations” or maybe one titled “Revitalize Your Mature Process.” Each session comes complete with a full description so I know exactly what I can expect if I attend. These agendas take me through the full complement of sessions on both days of the conference. Again, they only list the sessions that speak to my specific interests.

We hope you enjoy this advancement in your conference experience and look forward to helping you reach your learning objectives with Safety in Action 2018!

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