What's It Really Take to Lead Safety?


Past attendees of Safety in Action will remember the Executive Forum-a special event that gathered senior leaders for a day-long discussion of the principal topics defining the future of safety. The Executive Forum was so effective at empowering senior leaders with knowledge to guide safety forward, other leaders wanted in. Managers and supervisors asked how they could be involved in this unique learning opportunity. Now they have their answer: The Leadership Summit.

The Leadership Summit provides leaders across levels with a way to leverage their position and influence for safety improvement. Along with other leaders and seasoned safety experts, they explore one of today's most critical safety issues through in-depth discussion, expert talks, and powerful stories. Leaders who know what it takes to drive safety effectively share the personal characteristics of great safety leadership, the key concepts for supporting safety performance, and the simple strategies leaders can use to protect their people from harm.

Think of the Leadership Summit as a launchpad that grounds you in proven safety practices and gives you insight that will propel your safety strategy for the entire year.

Please join us for this special one-day event that will inspire new ideas and give you the tools to lead safety like a pro.

The Leadership Summit takes place on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, from 9am to 3pm.


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