Why Your Colleagues Are Going to Safety in Action


Every year, about 2000 of the world's senior safety leaders get together for the Safety in Action conference. There are as many reasons for attending as there are people present. We thought you'd like to see and hear what some of your colleagues say are the reasons they're going this year:

"It's inspirational."

Erika Plumb is the Director of Safety Information for BNSF Railway. She'll be joining several of her colleagues in Orlando this March because, she says, Safety in Action is a fantastic way to re-ignite your passion for safety.

"There's no secrets."

Art Schermbeck of BASF has attended 6 or 7 Safety in Action conferences over the last dozen years or so. He'll be back again this year because, he says, there is no other place that allows him so much access to the minds of the world's greatest safety leaders.

"A year-round service provider."

Charles King sits on the Steering Committee for Safety in Action. As Director of Environmental Health & Safety at Esterline Defense Technologies, he likes that the conference has become more than just a 2-day event. For many who attend, he says, it is a network of help throughout the year.

"Our leaders like to see things that are tangible."

Daniel Hebert works as a Safety Specialist for one of the largest oil companies in the world, Shell. He says he goes to Safety in Action because the conference leads to better safety results for him on the job.

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