Optional pre-conference learning

Dynamic and engaging small-group learning:

  • Critical focus areas for breakthrough improvements.
  • Interactive learning with seasoned DEKRA Insight safety pros.
  • Actionable tools & skills that you can apply today.

Each seminar includes information-packed materials for reference during the seminar, plus continental breakfast and lunch. All seminars are an additional cost to the conference registration fee. Register now!

PDS 1-Day Seminars
Mon, Apr 1, 2019 – 8am-5pm

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SafeAlign®: Foundations
This workshop defines the relationship between leadership, culture and safety. These are the foundational concepts that a safety improvement initiative is built on. The term and importance of exposure reduction is explained. Attendees to this workshop will be able to their leadership strengths and challenges, understand the influence they have on developing a strong organizational culture and how their performance impacts the safety of their direct reports.

SafeAlign®: Safety Contacts
This workshop focuses on building the supervisor ability to see exposures and provide effective feedback to individuals. This skill improves the leaders engagement capability. Workshop attendees will learn the needed skills to identify exposure in the workplace and develop the skills it takes to provide meaningful feedback to their workers while also understanding why employees “do the things they do” when exposure exist.

A series of 3 SafeAlign sessions on Mon, Tue and Wed can be bundled for a discounted price.

PDS 1-Day Seminars
Tue, Apr 2, 2019 – 8am-5pm

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SafeAlign®: Job Safety Briefings
This workshop focuses on build leader communications skills to discuss exposure with crews at the start , during and after the job. Attendees to this workshop will learn how to make Safety Briefings effective in the effort of recognizing and controlling exposure. By understanding how they communicate and what effective communication “looks Like”, leaders will have the ability to lead their employees in ways to control exposure for themselves and others.

SafeAlign®: Life Saving Rules & Application Verification
Participants will learn how to verify that the critical lifesaving rules in place are actually working as intended. Skills in establishing accountability will be developed.

SafeAlign®: Physical Hazard Inspection
Participants will learn how to look for work place hazards and then effectively discuss hazards with their team. Skills in taking action to control the hazards will be developed.

A series of 3 SafeAlign sessions on Mon, Tue and Wed can be bundled for a discounted price.

PDS 1-Day Seminars
Wed, Apr 3, 2019 – 8am-3pm

Choose from:

Introduction to the DEKRA Exposure Reduction™ Model
Safety improves only if exposure is controlled, reduced or eliminated. The DEKRA Exposure Reduction™ model is an assessment approach focused on gaining understanding of the factors that prevent exposure from being routinely and systematically identified and controlled, as well as factors that allow exposure to survive or even thrive. In our work with thousands of organizations we have identified seven focus areas and an evaluation approach to provide a complete picture of the factors that are enhancing or hindering an organization’s ability to achieve its safety objectives. Each of these areas is multi-faceted, and there is an interdependency across the areas. High or low functioning in one area can influence functioning in others. For each of these areas we have developed specific criteria that are indicative of world class safety performance. Together, we will explore these fundamentals on reducing exposure and then apply these in review of a case study that moves from the assessment toward strategic safety planning by outlining key models and providing in-depth information on the tools and methodologies used in the assessment.

The Leader's Role in Mitigating Human Error
The inconsistency of human performance is currently jeopardizing operational reliability and both process and organizational safety in many workplaces today. Recent neuroscience research has uncovered brain mechanisms that create these human performance errors. Understanding the Brain-Centered Hazards™ Matrix underlying these errors is crucial for all organizational leaders who want to optimize human performance reliability and organizational safety, including reductions in serious injuries and fatalities and loss-of-control incidents. This in-depth session draws on content from the highly-acclaimed Brain-Centric Leadership™ Seminar to explain these newly-discovered workplace hazards, as well as the mitigation strategies necessary to manage associated business risks. Case studies of successful interventions using Applied Neuroscience and High-Performance Reliability Organization [HighPRO] methodologies will be explored. A proven roadmap to driving high operational reliability will be presented.

Leadership Behaviors that Shape and Strengthen Your Culture: The Role of the Transformational Leader
Experience shows us that leadership is one of the most critical factors in the success of safety initiatives. But how do we leverage that knowledge for impact in our own organizations? This course is designed for anyone who wants to enhance their organization's leadership and build a foundation for overall excellence. Learn the steps to creating an injury-free culture, which management and leadership practices are most effective, why safety is foundational to all types of performance improvement, and how to help your organization lead with safety.

Rincon Software
Rincon software marks a dramatic advance in observation data capture software. It is designed to help sites manage, analyze, and report on their observation data. This course introduces attendees to the software and its key features, and also highlights Rincon's upgraded utilities. Exercises will focus on building fluency in data entry, configuration, and using built-in reports. An outline of additional tools, such as Microsoft® Excel®, to create more advanced reports will also be covered.

SafeAlign®: Incident Response
In this workshop, participants will learn how respond to incidents in a way the builds leadership credibility.

SafeAlign®: Understanding & Influencing Behaviors
Participants will leave this workshop with a practical understanding of what drives behavior. The insight into behaviors allows the participants to understand, influence and redirect behavior related to exposure in the workplace.

A series of 3 SafeAlign sessions on Mon, Tue and Wed can be bundled for a discounted price.

PDS 2-Day Seminars
Tue, Apr 2 and Wed, Apr 3, 2019 – 8am-5pm

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BAPP™ Technology Fundamentals
Pre-requisite: BAPP license
Your steering team members play a key role in keeping a BAPP initiative on track and moving toward your organization’s objectives. It is especially important to keep the knowledge and skill level high as the process matures— and as new members rotate onto the steering team. This two-day, intensive PDS provides an overview of the theory and applications of BAPP technology.

Interpersonal and Leadership Skills
Building a culture supportive of strong safety performance is the supervisor's special responsibility. Supervisors build this culture through their relationships with front-line employees. This two-day seminar reviews and provides practice in leadership and interpersonal skills supervisors need to build their culture.

Facilitator Skills 3-Day Workshop
Mon, Apr 1 through Wed, Apr 3, 2018 – 8am-5pm

Pre-requisite: BAPP license
A 3-Day Workshop for New BAPP Processes and the Facilitators who Support Them:
Sustain and support your process by equipping your facilitators with the practical skills and tools they need to succeed in their vital role. This workshop also provides an enriching networking opportunity with other BAPP® technology facilitators and a forum for discussing and developing solutions to challenges specific to your implementation.
Registrants for this course can attend conference at discounted fees.

Seminars subject to change. Check back with us periodically for the most updated schedule and details.