PDS Sessions

Pre-Conference Development Seminars

Optional pre-conference learning

Dynamic and engaging small-group learning:

  • Critical focus areas for breakthrough improvements.
  • Interactive learning with seasoned DEKRA safety pros.
  • Actionable tools & skills that you can apply today.

Each seminar includes information-packed materials for reference during the seminar, plus full buffet breakfast and lunch. All seminars are an additional cost to the conference registration fee. Register now!

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    Advanced feedback: How to give feedback that truly impact people’s lives
    Track: BAPP® Process / EBS™ Approach
    Speaker: Susan Murphy
    Why does some feedback go in one ear and out the other, while other feedback changes our lives dramatically and we never forget it? This workshop covers the physiological changes that occur in the brain when effective feedback is used, and the power of appropriately-worded feedback to strengthen our antecedent beliefs and to connect to key types of memory. Feedback impacts behavior. Behavior (actions) and attitude (beliefs) influence one another, so as behavior change becomes sustained, attitude eventually shifts to align itself to support the behavior.
      BAPP Technology Fundamentals for Steering Committee Members
      Track: BAPP® Process
      Speaker: Lisa Morley
      Your steering team members play a key role in keeping a BAPP initiative on track and moving toward your organization’s objectives. It is especially important to keep the knowledge and skill level high as the process matures— and as new members rotate onto the steering team. This two-day, intensive seminar provides an overview of the theory and applications of BAPP technology.
        Developing Commitment for Conducting Observations
        Track: BAPP® Process
        Speaker: Luis Sanchez
        Whether you have always struggled with motivating observers, or would just like to raise the bar, this powerful seminar shows you the principles, practices, and strategies for creating a dynamic and motivated corps of observers. Your presenter shows you how to take the guesswork out of observer motivation with a systematic, behavioral approach that helps you identify and remove the barriers to observation and build the skills your observers need to give effective feedback.
          Facilitator Skills Workshop
          Track: BAPP® Process / EBS™ Approach
          Speaker: Gary Langham
          Sustain and support your process by equipping your facilitators with the practical skills and tools they need to succeed in their vital role. This workshop also provides an enriching networking opportunity with other BAPP® technology facilitators and a forum for discussing and developing solutions to challenges specific to your implementation.
            Leadership Behaviors That Shape and Strengthen Your Culture: The Role of the Transformational Leader to Drive Organizational Change
            Track: SafeAlign® System / General
            Speaker: Tom Brower
            This 1-day PDS will discuss how a focus on continuous improvement must include a strategy for managing change on an ongoing basis and the importance of transformational leadership to drive this focus on continuous improvement. We will discuss specific leadership behaviors that support a culture of continuous improvement.
            NEW: SafeAlign Workshop - Incident Response
            Track: SafeAlign® System
            Speaker: Paul Angelo
            Leadership credibility is extremely important for safety performance improvement. In this workshop, participants will learn how to respond to incidents in a way that builds leaders credibility.
            NEW: SafeAlign Workshop Physical Hazard Inspections
            Track: SafeAlign® System
            Speaker: Brian Hood
            This workshop is designed for participants to learn how to look for work place hazards and then effectively discuss hazards with their team. Participants will also learn skills concerning how to control the exposure once identified.
            NEW: SafeAlign Workshops - Life-Saving Rules
            Track: SafeAlign® System
            Speaker: Doug Poole
            In this workshop, participants will learn how to verify the critical lifesaving rules that are in place are actually working as intended. Participants will also discuss and learn skills needed to control the hazards.
            NEW:SafeAlign Workshop - Understanding & Influencing Behavior
            Track: SafeAlign® System
            Speaker: Kathy Culig
            Participants will leave this workshop with a practical understanding of what drives behavior. This insight into behavior will allow the participants to understand, influence and redirect behavior related to exposure in the workplace.
              Organization Assessments Centered Around The DEKRA Exposure Reduction™ Model
              Track: Assessment / General
              Speaker: Bill Bozzo
              Safety improves only if exposure is controlled, reduced or eliminated. The DEKRA Exposure Reduction ™ Model is an assessment approach focused on gaining understanding of the factors that prevent exposure from being routinely and systematically identified and controlled, as well as factors that allow exposure to survive or even thrive. In our work with thousands of organization, we have identified seven focus areas and an evaluation approach to provide a complete picture of the factors that are enhancing or hindering an organization's ability to achieve it safety objectives. Each of these areas is multi-faceted, and there is interdependency across the areas. High or low functioning in one area can influence functioning in others. For each of these areas we have developed specific criteria that are indicative of world class safety performance. Together, we will explore these fundamentals on reducing exposure and then apply these in review of a case study that moves from the assessment toward strategic safety planning by outlining key models and providing in-depth information on the tools and methodologies used in the assessment.
                SafeAlign Workshop - Foundations
                Track: SafeAlign® System
                Speaker: Paul Angelo
                This workshop helps participants understand the foundational concepts of safety improvements, defines safety as controlling exposure, looks at workgroup culture in influencing exposure in the crew and provides insight into how leader behavior shapes the culture which in turn influences safety of the group. Each participant will leave with at least one action which they can implement immediately to improve safety
                  SafeAlign Workshop - Job Safety Briefings
                  Track: SafeAlign® System
                  Speaker: Paul Angelo
                  In this workshop participants will learn how to use skills in communication and collaboration to engage with their team. Participants will learn skills that will assist them in discussing exposure, how to control the exposure and when to reevaluate exposure.
                    SafeAlign Workshop - Safety Contacts
                    Track: SafeAlign® System
                    Speaker: Colin Hubanks
                    Participants will improve their ability to communicate effectively with others around exposure. Skills will be developed that will allow participants to give success and guidance feedback on exposure reduction
                    Standard on Fundamentals of Combustible Dusts
                    Track: General
                    Speaker: To Be Announced
                    DEKRA Process Safety’s popular “Understanding Combustible Dust Hazards” class provides students with the skills needed to identify dust hazards, and propose controls to properly manage the risk present. This interactive session focuses on:

                    • Understanding the Fundamentals of a Combustible Dust Explosion & Flash Fire Event
                    • Identifying Explosible Hazards through Appropriate Testing Data
                    • How to conduct a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA)
                    • Prevention & Mitigation methods for Identified hazards
                      The Four Defining Attributes of a World Class Safety Organization
                      Track: SafeAlign® System
                      Speaker: Rick Smith
                      Organizations that achieve world class safety are measured not by their accident rates, but on the focus and effort they place on, Personal Safety Ethic The extent to which the organization creates and grows personal safety ethics across all levels. Exposure The depth of understanding in the organization that the way to safety success is to continuously identify, control, reduce and eliminate exposure. Execution The extent of the organization’s commitment to assure the right systems, the right staffing and the right emphasis is in place and that programs and systems are executed in a high-quality manner. Evolution and Revolution The extent to which the organization is focused on continuous improvement, controlled evolution, and a focus on revolutionary changes that will accelerate the pace of change. In this session, we will explore and discuss the concept of world class safety and dig into the four primary attributes associated with those who truly fit the label of world class in safety. Real world case studies and examples will be leveraged to discuss how some organizations have worked to achieve world class levels in one or more of these attributes.