Connect with the people making safety happen.

What is the Safety in Action Conference? Every year, Safety in Action draws a unique mix of employee teams, managers, and executives looking for the best in safety improvement, team engagement, and exposure reduction technologies. Attendees are passionate about safety and expect a conference experience that will enhance their ability to reduce exposures and share new ideas.

The Conference History. The Safety in Action conference is the largest frontline employee safety conference in the world. For 30 years, the conference has created networking and learning opportunities among employee teams, supervisors, and managers from across diverse industries and regions. Workshops and sessions are offered across a range of safety-related topics with an emphasis on practical application, employee engagement, and continuous improvement.

In 2011, the Safety in Action conference added the Executive Forum, bringing this unique approach to learning and networking to the senior leaders who drive and support safety across organizations.

Key Statistics

  • 99% of Executive Forum attendees would recommend it to others
  • Nearly 2,000 employees and leaders who are passionate about safety
  • 200+ companies committed to investing in workplace safety
  • Industries representing food & beverage, utilities, chemicals, oil & gas, pulp & paper, transportation, automotive, metals, mining, and more

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